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Living Proof – December 2017

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview JUDITH LEARNER, handpan player, quilter, and mother extraordinaire, with her adult children, Dakota and Coree. Learn Judith’s strategies for successful parenting and co-parenting, and hear what her kids thought about their childhood, being raised by 2 moms who separated and continued making a family together. And a real treat: Judith’s original handpan/vocal composition!

Living Proof – November 2017

Join Dr. Dianna Grayer and Sheridan Gold as they interview MARY MENDOZA and JUDY IWANIER, together for 27 years. Learn how this bi-racial, bi-cultural couple navigates the world while keeping their relationship alive and thriving.

Living Proof – October 2017

Join Sheridan and Dianna as they interview DR. MARGARET GOLD (no relation to Sheridan!), a doctor who has found a way to combine her love of Eastern medicine with Western, and incorporates acupuncture into her practice. Learn about this very interesting woman who is also a mother of two sons.

Living Proof – September 2017

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview SUSAN JONES and her wife, TONI LISONI. Learn about these two dynamo women – where they’ve been and what keeps them going!


Join Sheridan and Dianna as they interview SHARON LONG and her wife, RAE LYNN. Learn about these amazing women who have been together for over 40 years!

Living Proof July 2017

Join Sheridan and Dianna as they interview MANDI CAMILLE HAUWERT, first transgender correctional officer at San Quentin prison. Mandi will discuss her life before and after her transition.

Living Proof June 2017

Sheridan Gold and Greg Miraglia present some of the speakers from the Sonoma County Pride Rally – Rise Up – held the previous day. Hear Outbeat’s own DR. DIANNA GRAYER as she gets the crowd to chant, “Rise! Resist!” during her talk.

Living Proof – May 2017

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview ZOE LEWIS musician extraordinaire, as she prepares for her weekend tour in the Bay Area, including Cotati (May 12-14), and JD, co-producer of Women’s Weekend (May 18-21) and president of Sonoma County Pride (June 2-4).

Living Proof – April, 2017

Join Dr. Dianna L. Grayer and Sheridan Gold as they interview BRANDY JONES, Woman Extraordinaire! Whether it’s  being an author, speaker, financial consultant, educator or radio show host, Brandy gives the listener a glimpse into how she does it all!

Living Proof – March, 2017

In honor of Women’s History Month, join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview MATILE ROTHSCHILD AND MARGARET CRUIKSHANK – 2 pioneers in their own right! Learn about their history, their writing, their lives, their wives. Matile shares about her history with the senior housing that has its grand opening on March 23, 2017 at 55 Laguna Street in San Francisco, and Margaret shares her most recent book, Fierce With Reality. Fun times!

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