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Living Proof July – 2018

Join Sheridan Gold as she interviews her wife and co-host, DR. DIANNA L. GRAYER. Dianna will be discussing her play, Private Lives Private Lies, which will be performed in Cotati CA on July 21 & 22. You will also hear cast members talk about their roles and the bigger messages of the play.

Living Proof – June 2018

We celebrated Sonoma County Pride at it’s new location in downtown Santa Rosa! This month we bring you our annual “Voices Of Pride” with coverage of the Pride Parade and festival.

Living Proof – May 2018

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview FAITH and CONNIE – married for 26 years as man and woman. However, Faith has always felt like a girl, and at 63 has decided to come to terms with her crossdressing. Over social media, Faith confided in Sheridan – a friend from Kindergarten who she recently reconnected with!!!! Listen in as they all explore Faith together.

Living Proof – April 2018

Join Dianna L. Grayer and Sheridan L. Gold as they interview CHRIS MAHURIN (a police officer) and AARON AVERY (a lawyer), newly married!!!! Listen to these two bright and fun gentlemen as they share their love and their lives with the audience.

Living Proof – March 2018

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they explore friendship and love between fiancés EARTH SCHWARTZ and JESSICA HANKINS. Learn about how these two incredible women each proposed to each other at different times, in very beautiful and creative ways!

Living Proof – February 2018

Join Dianna and Sheridan and their guests, DAVID PEREZ and DANNY MORGA, boyfriends for a year and a half. Find out about young love and how these men navigate their relationship, and the world.

Living Proof – January 2018

Join co-hosts and wives, Dr. Dianna Grayer and Sheridan Gold, as they talk about life and love with DEB BRETON and DEBBIE WOODS, together for over 19 years. Debbie is the owner of Get Me The Gig, a company that finds jobs for people all over the world, and Deb is an artist extraordinaire. Together, they navigate the world of tech and art. Welcome to the Debs!!!!!

Living Proof – December 2017

Join Dianna and Sheridan as they interview JUDITH LEARNER, handpan player, quilter, and mother extraordinaire, with her adult children, Dakota and Coree. Learn Judith’s strategies for successful parenting and co-parenting, and hear what her kids thought about their childhood, being raised by 2 moms who separated and continued making a family together. And a real treat: Judith’s original handpan/vocal composition!

Living Proof – November 2017

Join Dr. Dianna Grayer and Sheridan Gold as they interview MARY MENDOZA and JUDY IWANIER, together for 27 years. Learn how this bi-racial, bi-cultural couple navigates the world while keeping their relationship alive and thriving.

Living Proof – October 2017

Join Sheridan and Dianna as they interview DR. MARGARET GOLD (no relation to Sheridan!), a doctor who has found a way to combine her love of Eastern medicine with Western, and incorporates acupuncture into her practice. Learn about this very interesting woman who is also a mother of two sons.

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