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Outbeat News In Depth – January 26, 2014

RyanThe LGBT civil rights movement in the United States is moving quickly in a positive direction, but the tide of change in other parts of the world, such as Russia, Nigeria, and Uganda is moving just as quickly in the opposite direction. This month we talked with our Washington DC correspondent, Ryan Olson, an LGBT activist who is doing a lot of work in Africa with HIV prevention. He talked with us about why the anti-LGBT sentiment in African countries is growing.

francisdebernardoReligion and religious organizations can have a very powerful impact on LGBT people, both positive and negative. The Catholic Church has been one of the most active in fighting marriage equality and its leaders have been more than out spoken against LGBT people. But that may all be changing. We also talked with Francis DeBernardo, the executive director of New Ways Ministry, a Catholic organization that is supportive of LGBT people. He talked about The Advocate magazine’s man of the year for 2013, Pope Francis.

The music we featured on this show was from Well Strung. This is a group of 4 gay men who call themselves Well Strung.

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Outbeat News In Depth – December 22, 2013

Bayard Rustin LGBT ClubA new LGBT political group is forming in Napa and Solano County. Craig Scott, Judith Learner, Andy Pembrook, and David Crumrine joined us to talk about this new civic organization modeled after the Stonewall Democrats. This group is calling themselves the Bayard Rustin LGBT Political Club. Craig told us how this group hopes to unite the LGBT communities in both Napa and Solano County by providing a regular meeting space that will provide a platform for activism as well as venue for social events.

JermellFor this month’s Outbeat Youth segment, we went on location to the Napa Valley College Cooking School to meet Jermel Elliott, a student in this year’s professional culinary program. Jermel shared his coming out story and told us about his passion for food. He’s quite a guy! We also talked with one of his instructors, Chef Maggie, who talked about how young people interested in food can best prepare for the program at Napa Valley College.





This year seen some of the most amazing gains in LGBT equality especially around marriage equality. While there are still many conservative scrooges out there fighting to prevent more states from recognizing same-sex relationships, it’s pretty clear the kids get it.

We also shared some original holiday music from our good friends Randi Driscoll and Bobby Jo Valentine.

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Outbeat News In Depth – November 24, 2013

This month our good friend Kinna Crocker and her colleague, Tate Birnie joined us to talk about a case they handled here in Sonoma County with two women who got married just a week before the Supreme Court ruled on Prop 8.  They married early, because one of the women was dying.  Kinna and Tate talked about the favorable ruling they got for the surviving spouse.  We also celebrated marriage equality coming to Illinois and Hawaii this month.

On the Outbeat Youth segment, we introduce you to Jake Stallman, a bright high school student who survived severe bullying and a death threat.  He’s fighting back and helping others who are suffering from bullying.  Jake was this year’s recipient of the Spirit of Matthew award from the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

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Outbeat News In Depth: October 27, 2013

napapflagPFLAG, the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, is the nation’s oldest LGBT ally organization with over 200,000 members in 350 chapters.  The Napa FPLAG chapter has been revived this year by Rosemarie Vertullo.  Rosemarie joined us this month along with board members Earle Craigie and Casey McConnell-Leon.  They talked about their mission and hopes for bringing together not only parents, but also other allies and LGBT from the community.  Napa FPLAG has monthly meetings on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7PM that include a special guest speaker and a time to check-in and get support. Rosemarie invited everyone to their holiday social that will take place on Thursday, November 21, from 7:00 to 9:00PM at the RiverPoint Napa Resort.

On this month’s Outbeat Youth segment, we talked with our good friend Shane Windmeyer, the executive director of Campus Pride.  We discussed the incident at Old Miss where members of the football team hurled gay slurs at performers of that college’s presentation of The Laramie Project.  Shane gave us an update on the climate at colleges and universities for LGBT students around the country.

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Outbeat News In Depth – September 22, 2013

It was 15 years ago this October that Matthew Shepard was murdered in Laramie, Wyoming in one of the most notorious hate crimes in our nations history.  But who was Matthew Shepard, or as his friends knew him, “Matt Shepard.”  After a decade and a half, a group of Matt’s friends have come together to share their memories of the friend they lost in a new documentary, “Matt Shepard Was A Friend Of Mine.”   This new film shows never-before-seen pictures and video that show the truth about who Matt Shepard was.  Film producers Michele Josue and Liam McNiff are joined by Zeina Barkawi and Jason Marsden, who were all friends with Matt Shepard.

Kinna Crocker was back with the last of her four-part series on the legal aspects of LGBT relationships and we checked in with Nathan Manske, the creator of  Nathan is coming to San Francisco in October and wants to meet you.

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Outbeat News In Depth – August 25, 2013

StephanieSarahOver 37,000 same-sex couples are likely to get married here in California over the next three years. This means a great deal of new activity for those involved in the wedding business. A group of local businesses is forming a collaborative specifically to support same-sex couples looking for a planned wedding event. Stephanie Cole and Sarah Drake of Cole Drake Events joined us to talk about their work and this new collaborative. They shared some advice for how to plan the perfect wedding. Family Law attorney Kinna Crocker was also back with part 3 of her 4-part series on the legal aspects of LGBT relationships.

Are you planning to get married?

Marriage equality is restored in California and we would love to marry you on the air during one of our shows! We would love to provide you with an officiant and ceremony, complete with a champagne toast, to marry you live on the air! Simply click on Submit Story Idea at the top of the page and provide some contact information. We will select one lucky couple.

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Outbeat News In Depth – July 28, 2013

JOHN-OCONNORNow that same-sex marriage has been restored in California, what’s next in our fight for LGBT rights? This month the relatively new executive director of Equality California, John O’Connor, joined us to talk about how he has helped to revitalize this organization and what issues they are now addressing. John talked about the work they are doing to support the safe school legislation, some of the other legislation they are supporting, such as a bill that will take away tax exempt status for organizations that discriminate against LGBT youth and another that will required training for elderly care-takers. He also explained how Equality California is supporting LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates running for office.

Family law attorney Kinna Crocker returned for the second of her four-part series on the legal aspects of LGBT relationships. This month she talked about property issues including purchasing or renting a home with a partner.

On this month’s Outbeat Youth segment, meet Ted Chalfen, an amazing recent high school graduate from Colorado who was selected to speak at his graduation. His words are powerful and inspiring. His principal said it was the best graduation speech he had ever heard. Ted talks about his high school experience and offers advice for LGBT high school students about coming out at school

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Outbeat News In Depth – June 23, 2013

This is our 2013 Pride edition of Outbeat News In Depth.  We begin by celebrating the 35th anniversary of the rainbow flag with an interview of the flag’s creator, Gilbert Baker, by long-time LGBT activist Cleve Jones.  This interview took place at the GLBT Museum last year.  They talked about why the flag was created and how it has become an international icon for gay pride and our fight for equality.

The riots that took place at New York’s Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 are often referred to as the time and place with gay pride parades began.  It was tough time for LGBT people and one of the first events when our community fought back.  Roz Katz and Carol Russell were living in New York at the time and had their first date that very night in a bar just across the street from where it all happened.  Both are still together and living here in Sonoma County.  They join us to talk about their memories of that night where it all began.

Here is the video for the song we played on this month’s show.

Outbeat News In Depth – May 26, 2013

60 years ago last month, President Eisenhower signed an executive order directing that all “sexual perverts” be discovered and removed from government jobs.  Over 5000 gay people lost their jobs, but you aren’t likely to read about this event in many history books.  “The Lavender Scare” is a documentary about this dark time in our history and Emmy-winning producer Josh Howard joined us to talk more about this time and his documentary.

This month we also start the first of a four-part series on the legal aspects of LGBT relationships with family law attorney Kinna Crocker of Terre Family Law.  On the Outbeat Youth segment, 12-year-old Daniel Leffew-Foxworthy shares the letter he wrote to the Supreme Court supporting his two dads and urging the Court to rule against Proposition 8.

Outbeat News In Depth – April 28, 2013

"Invisible"LGBT youth account for a majority of the runaway and homeless youth living on the street today. Tragically, some of these young people become victims of human trafficking as prostitutes working for organized groups that travel through Santa Rosa and the greater Bay Area. This month, Santa Rosa Police Detective Chris Mahurin joined us to talk about this growing crime problem and how he is working with various organizations to protect these vulnerable young people.

samantha1On the Outbeat Youth segment, we talked with Samantha Logan, a transgender woman and activist who is working as a blogger for Matthews Place, a website supporting LGBT youth provided by the Matthew Shepard Foundation. She shared her coming out and transition story with us. What a great role model.

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