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Outbeat News In Depth – March 24, 2013

On the eve of the United States Supreme Court hearings on Proposition 8 and the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, we talked with straight ally and marriage equality activist, Zach Wahls. Zach earned world-wide attention after his passionate testimony before the Iowa Legislature. Since that time, he’s become involved in the Boy Scouts discrimination controversy and continues to be an incredible ally for LGBT equality.

Devon Yaffe is a 17-year-old high school senior from Southern California who produced a documentary for his senior project titled, “Overcoming Adversity As A Gay Teen One Generation At A Time.” Devon talked about his motivation for the project and what it was like talking to people between 15 and 82 years of age about their coming out stories.

Members from Sonoma County’s premier LGBT Youth Organization, Positive Images, were with us to share stories and poetry included in this year’s “Images” publication. This is an annual publication featuring creative work from Positive Images youth members.

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Outbeat Now! – April 22, 2012

On Outbeat Now! Jeff Basham and Greg Miraglia talk about the “Day of Silence” and speak with allies who are doing just the opposite.  One such ally is Hudson Taylor, founder of Athlete Ally a new organization that is combating homophobia in high school and college athletic programs.  Hudson began his ally work at the University of Maryland where he was a theater major and a champion on the college wrestling team.  After a friend came out to him, Hudson began to hear and respond to homophobic remarks and comments from his teammates. Soon after graduation, he began touring the country and working with organizations like Campus Pride speaking to college sports teams about homophobia.  Most recently, Hudson shared his story in the new documentary, “Legalize Gay,” due to premier on May 5, 2012 on the Logo network.

On the Outbeat Youth, Greg Miraglia gets caught up with Positive Images.  Co-directors Jim Foster and Nancy Vogl along with several youth members shared the latest information about Sonoma County’s premier LGBT youth organization.


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Outbeat Now! – September 26, 2010

We were joined by Jessie Funes, the Grant Coordinator for Positive Images, who told us about the new mental health grant she is working with to promote a better understanding of LGBT issues within the Spanish speaking community and other identity groups of color. Rachel Gardner from Food for Thought was also on to talk about Calabash coming up on October 3, 2010. On Outbeat Youth, Greg Miraglia talked with Victor Romos, our correspondent from Positive Images, about Queer Coming. We also played an interview with members of the Montgomery High School GSA.

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