Outbeat Now! – April 24, 2011

May 22 is “Harvey Milk Day” in California. Jeff Basham takes a look at Harvey Milk and the impact he had on the gay rights movement in California and beyond. Greg Miraglia visited the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco and talked with executive director, Paul Boneberg, about how people can learn about Harvey Milk by visiting the museum. On Outbeat Youth, Greg Miraglia interviewed Mark Snyder, the communications coordinator for Colage, about his coming out story and how Colage is supporting the children of LGBT parents. He was also joined by Brad Usselman who, along with two other gay high school athletes, created a national blog for high school athletes, who happen to be gay, to connect and network.

If you cannot get to the GLBT Museum in San Francisco, take some time to watch these video clips of some of the most famous moments in our history.




Learn More

GLBT Museum
Location: 4127 18th St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
For more information, call 415-621-1107

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