Outbeat News In Depth – July 28, 2013

JOHN-OCONNORNow that same-sex marriage has been restored in California, what’s next in our fight for LGBT rights? This month the relatively new executive director of Equality California, John O’Connor, joined us to talk about how he has helped to revitalize this organization and what issues they are now addressing. John talked about the work they are doing to support the safe school legislation, some of the other legislation they are supporting, such as a bill that will take away tax exempt status for organizations that discriminate against LGBT youth and another that will required training for elderly care-takers. He also explained how Equality California is supporting LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates running for office.

Family law attorney Kinna Crocker returned for the second of her four-part series on the legal aspects of LGBT relationships. This month she talked about property issues including purchasing or renting a home with a partner.

On this month’s Outbeat Youth segment, meet Ted Chalfen, an amazing recent high school graduate from Colorado who was selected to speak at his graduation. His words are powerful and inspiring. His principal said it was the best graduation speech he had ever heard. Ted talks about his high school experience and offers advice for LGBT high school students about coming out at school

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