Outbeat Extra July 2016

IMG_2540This is an Outbeat Extra edition of Outbeat News In Depth.  Last month we celebrated Pride with the Fountain Grove Lodge.  It was June 12th, the same day we learned of the mass shooting in Orlando.  The day was filled with mixed emotions and we share some of the conversations we had that day with you here.

Charley Walters has covered the last 8 Olympic Games for a variety of news and entertainment channels.  He stopped by to tell us all about the LGBT athletes we should watch for this year in Rio.  He also told us about what the LGBT athletes should expect in Brazil.  We will be sharing updates from Charley throughout this year’s Games, so be sure to stay connected with us for updates.  Charley also told us about Rest In Pride.  Here is a great way for you to celebrate the Olympics while honoring those who lost their lives in Orlando.

And exclusively for this on-demand edition of our show, we include an interview with Arthur Slepian, the founder and CEO of A Wider Bridge.  This organization is focused on creating connection with LGBT people and Israel.  Arthur told us about a conference he hosted in San Francisco last spring focused on LGBT Jewish Ethiopians.

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