Join in as co-hosts and wives, Dr. Dianna L. Grayer and Sheridan Gold interview JENNY HOLLAND, ADAM BROWN, and their 3 kids. AMELIA 18 years old, ADDISON 15 years old, and NOAH, 12 years old, all identify with the LGBTQI+ community. Listen in as you learn from the parents and their kids how they navigate the world.

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One Response to LIVING PROOF – JUNE 20121

  1. Louise R. Brown says:

    So happy I could listen to this interview. You amazed me, all of you, with your insights, and explanations . You’re a super team, all working together, supporting each other as good listeners and loving family members. I admire your honesty and ability to speak about things that were so hidden and divisive in my generation. I hope that many people will listen to this eye-opening conversation and learn from it. I am an 84 year old grandma.

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