Campus Pride Series

The following special series of programs will air on Outbeat Youth, part of the Outbeat Now! program that airs the 4th Sunday of each month. We are very excited to launch this radio series in partnership with Campus Pride.

July 2012 “About Being An LGBT Freshman – Getting A Great Start On Your New Campus”
featuring Shane Windmeyer, executive director of Campus Pride.  Shane will be talking about how as an LGBT freshman you can prepare for your first day at college this fall.  He will share with us how to find your community on campus and how to use the Campus Pride Campus Climate Index to see how supportive your college is for LGBT students and staff.

October 2012 “LGBT College Athletics – How To Create An Accepting Team Environment”
featuring Anna Aegnes and Kye Allum.  While many colleges and universities have become more supportive of LGBT students, most athletic programs found at these institutions are still filled with homophobia.  Anna and Kye will talk about their experience in athletics and give advice about how as a participant or a coach, you can help to create a more accepting team environment for LGBT players.

January 2013 “Honoring Black History Month And The Contributions Of LGBT African Americans”
featuring JeShawna Wholley and LZ Granderson.  The LGBT African-American community is still largely hidden, but there have been many individuals in this community who have made notable contributions to society.  JeShawna is a rising star and newest Senior Fellow at the National Black Justice Coalition and a recent graduate of Spelman college. She will talk about her experience and how to create a safe and inclusive campus environment especially for the more hidden LGBT populations.

March 2013 “Fighting Homophobia”
featuring Paul Marcarelli.  You know Paul from the Verizon wireless commercials.  “Can You Hear Me Now?” Paul will share his coming out story at the age of 19 and then having to come out again later in life as a celebrity actor now in the public spotlight.  He will talk about what he has learned about homophobia and how to best fight it no matter where you are in life.  One of his Paul’s latest acting projects is the move, “The Green.”

April 2013 “Why Marriage Matters” – The Impact Of Marriage Equality On The LGBT Family”
featuring Zach Wahls.  Zach is the young man who spoke in support of his two moms in front of the Iowa Legislature.  A video of his speech went viral on YouTube and has lead Zach to become a spokesman for marriage equality.  Zach recently published a book called, “My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family.” Zach will share with us his journey as a straight ally and what he h as learned about why marriage matters.

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